Põltsamaa campus
Additional information / commencing the studies: Ivar Kohjus, ivar[dot]kohjus[at]jkhk[dot]ee, phone: +372 525 5265

Type of programme: Level 4 vocational education (EstQF, level 4)
Curriculum group: Construction
Programme format: Full-time school-based study

Programme requirements: Basic education
Duration of programme: 6 months
Programme starts on: 29 September 2018

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Work and environmental safety
  • Career planning and business basics
  • Levelling
  • Hydroinsulation works
  • Tiling

Opportunities on the job market:

  • Tiler

A tiler does levelling and tiling on a construction site. A good tiler is recognised by the projects he has completed.

The programme takes place at Särevere campus pursuant to the operational programme for tiler, level 4.

  • Banking
  • Economic Policy
  • Financial Sector Management
  • Quantitative Finance
Time Place Room Date Range Instructor
9:00am – 11:00am Paide 203 Aug 21, 2018 – Dec 15, 2018 Douglas Spoolstra (PhD)