School Director

Rein Oselin

School Director

The purpose of my job:

To organize the relationships between people working in the school and the areas of responsibility so that the school results are prominent in our country.

Of the 38 vocational schools in Estonia, JKHK has over the past five years:
* number of students has increased, so that in 2018 JKHK held 7th place
* number of students in continuing education has increased, so that in 2018 JKHK held 4th place
* in 2018 JKHK had the biggest increase in the number of new students in the country (holding 6th place)
* JKHK is 4th by the number of graduates (as of 2018)
* successful completion of the professional examinations by the proportion of students has varied from 1 to 6 (2nd place in 2018)
* dropout rate is 18.12 (12th out of 38 in 2018)
* every year, a new speciality has been added at the school that is unique in the country – in 2015 horse farming, 2016 veterinary assistant, 2017 operator of biogas plant, 2018 operator of water treatment plant and in 2019 mechanic of military technology.

What makes me different?

I have run various educational institutions – primary school, upper secondary school, professional higher education institution and vocational education institutions. I have reorganized and closed six schools. It has given me great experience in creating and developing organizations. I am very good at understanding people – I can quickly understand the nature and potential of others.

I have learned, in my work, that people should be given time. It is not easy, but it is worth it. Interact with everyone.


  • School development management: organization and analysis of internal evaluation, cooperation with stakeholders, shaping school culture and values
  • Developing the school's learning environment: organizing curriculum development, assessing and supporting learner development
  • Leadership: leadership, human resource planning
  • Resource Management: budget and material management, systematic organization of information
  • Self-management: Self-assessment and professional development

I speak: Estonian, Russian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program:
High- and middle level school leaders and leaders-to-be (staff with an ambition to become the leader), senior level professionals, corporate leaders and school directors.