Safety and Hygiene (SAHFY)

The project SAFHY aims at developing labour skills of cleaning service and health care services in Estonia and Finland by aligning curricula and training material both for vocational education as well as the labour market. The project promotes learning and professional skills in these two sectors to reduce hygiene risks and infections while increasing safer environments in health care and cleaning services.

Hygiene in health care and hygienic cleaning are highest topics in the whole world and their importance is increasing because of Ebola-type infections. The project promotes using digital network solutions for developing skills and avoiding global diffusion of these diseases. In practice the project improves two curricula and training methods for vocational education. The project also designs and implements pilot education to health care and cleaning services by using digital learning platform.

As a result the project aligns and enriches two curricula and produces cross-border multilingual digital learning material for students both in cleaning services and health care. Digital learning material improves students’ skills considering hygiene and safer work environments as well as language skills. It also improves their competencies to enter the profession of their choice. Digital Learning material gives multilingual support for learners and teachers and even more for working leaders and workers. Development of working and language skills and also those better matching working opportunities have strong impact on increasing social inclusion.

This project is done with 921 249, 15 euros from the European Regional Development Fund. Total funding for the project is 1 184 999 euros.

The project is a joint co-operation venture of:
Keuda Group, Finland
Co-operative Digital Robot, Finland
OÜ Puhastusekspert, Estonia
Tartu Health Care College, Estonia
Järva County Vocational Training Centre, Estonia