Road construction

Road construction

Särevere campus
Additional information / commencing the studies: Ivar Kohjus, ivar[dot]kohjus[at]jkhk[dot]ee, phone: +372 525 5265

Type of programme: Level 4 vocational secondary education (EstQF, level 4)
Curriculum group: Construction
Programme format: Full-time studies at school

Programme requirements: Acquired basic education; however, the programme is also open for persons without basic education who are at least 22 years old and have the level of competency corresponding to basic education.
Duration of programme: 3 years

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Basics of road construction
  • Work and environmental safety
  • Hoisting in road construction
  • Using and maintaining road construction equipment
  • Engineering tasks
  • Ground works
  • Basics of geotechnology
  • Traffic
  • Maintenance and repair of roads
  • Using and maintaining road construction machinery
  • Road construction technology
  • Laying stone pavement
  • CAD drawing
  • Basics of forestry and saws

During your studies, you can acquire the following driving licenses:
Category B
Category C1
Category T

Road grader, bulldozer, shovel loader, excavator, and road roller operator
Programme concludes with a final examination.

Workplace training:

  • During years II and III, a total of 1040 hours.

Opportunities on the job market:

  • Road construction worker
  • Bulldozer driver
  • Excavator driver
  • Road grader operator
  • Loader operator
  • Asphalter

Road construction workers and road construction equipment operators usually work at road construction sites. Their job consists of building new roads or reconstructing old ones. Today, road construction companies specialise in certain tasks; therefore, a company would have machinery intended for specific activities. A road construction worker benefits from teamwork skills. Road construction sites are often far from home; therefore, work trips and significantly longer working days in the summer should be taken into account. Good road construction workers are known by the quality of their work and this is the best recommendation for further job offers.

NB! The programme is available ONLY at Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre. Graduates will get free driving licenses for cars, small trucks, and mobile machinery.

Programme takes place at Särevere campus pursuant to the operational programme for road construction, level 4.