Professional fields

Read more about the professions and what you can learn when taking part of the program:

School Director

Director is responsible for maintaining overall budget, management of employees working in over 30 fields of expertise, allocation of numerous land, school programs and staff responsibilities, also foreseeing future development needs. Hosting and maintaining numerous daily meetings nationally and internationally, also maintaining three facilities within a 50 kilometer range.

Target group:
School leaders and leaders-to-be (staff with an ambition to become a leader), professionals and corporate leaders.

Purpose and outcome:
Grasp an international perspective on how to positively manage and maintain several fractions within corporate and school atmosphere.
Develop a true and unique perspective on how to run a numerous facilities and staff.

Head of Study and Development Department

Keywords for this profession are Administrative Guidance, School Development, Budget and Human Management.

Target group: School/Business Administrators, Development Specialist, Head of Department, Human Resources

Purpose and outcome:
Have administrative knowledge on development, budget and human management

Development Manager

Development Specialist’s actions impact directly local, regional and national communities. He recruits, advertises and diagnoses needs directly associated with educational purposes.
Also, takes into account surveys, trends and organisation needs, recruits staff and students to join school’s development programs and attracts companies to contribute to the development.

Target Group:
Senior and general management, program specialist, school staff, entrepreneurs, public authorities, local authorities

Purpose and Outcome:
Learn how to identify and seize opportunities including surveys, graphs, meetings and seminars to engage target groups and staff for growing your business or school population. Planning of different developments, organizing communication and marketing activities, quality management, projects, cooperation with stakeholders.

Adult Education Manager

Lifelong learning, work-related courses for adults, new courses and curricula according to the needs of labor market, cooperation with Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund and the Ministry of Education and Research, administration and documentation.

Target group:
Adult education providers, organizational and educational group trainers, adult educational trainers, program managers, businesses that wish to train/retrain their staff.

Purpose and outcome:
Manage enrollment, educators, staff, events, advertisement and workspace to fulfill community educational needs.

Head of Support Service

Manages all support systems for students including class and social services for optimal student achievement. Challenges with the success of each and every students performance. One working for this position must have a desire to help youths succeed beyond all adversities and aim for energetic and committed students.

Target Group:
Support service providers, counselors, therapist and activity coordinators, school staff involved with support service, head teachers, teachers, etc.

Purpose and Outcome:
Come and see how we manage and provide solutions that resolve student related issues so that they are able to achieve desired outcomes and become successful adults within society.

Head of Study Groups and Classroom Support

Head of Study Groups and Classroom Support advises and supports students schooling, facilitates in cases of learning difficulties, helps them with applying for grants, academic leave and individual curriculum. Also, offers all needed support in order to guarantee that each and every students achieves his or her best result.

Target Group:
Student leaders, school teachers, support staff, etc.

Purpose and Outcome:
Learn classroom management and purposeful ways to support and encourage today’s students, including students with special (educational) needs.

Head Teacher of Construction

Individuals or groups interested in instructing and learning more about implementing stated programs in construction, chemical technology or electricity and energy curriculum groups can join the Job Shadowing Program and learn all about how we do it in Järva County Vocational Training Centre.

Target Group:
High- and middle level school leaders and leaders-to-be (staff with an ambition to become the leader in the given industrious field), construction professionals, head teachers, practitioners and teachers, entrepreneurs.

Purpose and outcome:
Join the program and learn about newest innovative techniques in energy, construction and heavy vehicle transportation. See how I have organized sufficient workplace in order to have best result for student learning and cooperation.
Participant will have a genuine sense in order to structure facility, communicate given industrial subjects and facilitate the teaching of a specific topic in an effective manner.

Head Teacher of General Subjects

Students in our school also study general subjects – students who come to our school after elementary school, can also study subjects taught in high school that lets them take the exams and also gain the post secondary level education (ISCED 4).
Taking part of Job Shadowing Program lets you have an insight of how we have integrated the subjects into their speciality studies, how we guarantee the quality of what we teach and how we teach in two different campuses (a 20-minute ride by car).

Target group:
school administrators, head teachers, teachers

Purpose and outcome:
Learn how to
*cooperation with different stakeholders (learners, group leaders, instructors);
*teacher recruitment, counseling, mentoring;
*planning and arranging of in-service training for teachers;
*feedback to and from teachers;
*updating of operational programs;
*mentoring and counseling for learners;
*planning and conducting lessons.

Cleaning Services Trainer

Cleaning service has become something really specific that requires both workers knowledge and skills. The choice of cleaning supplies and materials has changed as well as our expectations. Nowadays it is a filed where quality determines the price. However, quality means skilled workers with the necessary knowledge. Learn how to teach and guide through theory and discussions before putting all this into practice.

Target group:
Anyone already teaching or interested in teaching this specialty

Purpose and outcome:
Come and see the equipment needed to carry out the cleaning service, learn how different study methods are included into learning process to make the study fun as well as useful, so that students would learn all the skills to meet the needs of today’s labor market. We provide courses for everyone interested – adults (cleaning company owners and workers), elementary school graduates as well as students with special (educational) needs.

Culinary Vocational Trainer

Food preparation and catering, planning and organizing the work in that field,
commodity management, creating a custom menu and preparing the dishes, pre-treatment of food and raw materials, cooking, party services, preparing international and regional cuisines.

Target group:
Anyone already teaching or interested in teaching this speciality

Purpose and outcome:
Learn how to reduce student dropouts by making the learning process as interesting, varied and useful as possible, how to include different cuisines into learning process and hence, prepare students to meet the needs of today’s labor market, how to ensure that all students pass a professional examination, also how to plan different adult training courses and retraining courses.

Equestrian and Vocational Trainer

Target group:
Riding coaches and teachers, anyone who has a desire to take the knowledge and skills to the next level!

Purpose and outcome:
Learn all about equine management, horse training, equipment needed, lesson preparation, training techniques, how to prepare and carry out riding lessons for different level groups according to FEI Principes and much more!

English Teacher

Target group:
Language teachers, adult trainers, anyone who wants to learn about fun ways to use technology in the classroom to enrich learning!

Purpose and outcome:
Learn and practice teaching different methods and techniques, also how to prepare and carry out lessons for different level study groups, including adult training.

Logistics Teacher