Nordplus Adult: “Trained workers in road construction act more safely”

Project Period: January 2012 – 31 December 2012 – (1 year project)

Project aims:
#1 compare country differences between Estonia, Denmark and Finland in road construction training, regulations, and enforcement;
#2 to promote road construction safety awareness and disseminate highlighting country differences;
#3 to promote improvement of safety training in road construction at the vocational school level.

Participants: teachers and department head of road construction
1. Mercantec Vocational Training Center, Denmark
2. Ylä-Savo Vocational College – Finland
3. BAT – Confederation of Danish Construction and Wood Workers Unions

1. A “case study” between Denmark, Finland and Estonia;
2. Training of trainers, with evaluations before and after;
3. Promotion and Dissemination of increased safety standards in Estonia;
4. Creation of a 10 minute promotional video to be viewed and promoted during our dissemination conference held in Tallinn, Estonia.

Budget – 20.000€ (total)

Project homepage

Project manager: Elizabeth E Parsons- Lenz, elizabeth[dot]lenz[at]jkhk[dot]ee