Nordplus 2013

Norplus Adult Program project nr. NPAD-2013/10293

This Nordplus mobility project, “Sharing good practices in vocational training for automotive technology and transport” aims to share best practices in vocational training of adult learners. Two teachers accompanied by 1 department head will spend 1 week in each country of Estonia, Finland and Iceland to compare topics of: curriculum content, teaching methods and training arrangements, enterprise cooperation strategies, and student assessment practices. The expected outcome is programmatic improvement stemming from a deeper understanding of different Nordic practices in vocational training of adults that will build capacity and insure a more qualified labour force. The main result will be a report that highlights the differences between each program, but also provides a consensus of the recommendations for improvement in the specified technical areas.

Project period June 1, 2013 – September 30, 2014

Project Output

Project funding 17,305 €
Project partners:
Coordinator and Manager – Järva County Vocational Training Centre, Elizabeth Lenz (EE)
Partner – Keuda Group, Vocational Education and Training (FI)
Partner – IS-Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri (IS-VMA)

Study visit #1

Location: Järva County Vocational Training Centre (JKHK) located in Paide and Särevere, ESTONIA
Meeting dates: 17-21 March 2014

2 teachers and 1 department head travelled to Estonia from Keuda Vocational College in Järvenpää, Finland and the same from Icelandic vocational training centre Vermenntaskolinn a Akureyri (IS-VMA). The study visit lasted for 5 full days at the JKHK training centres with campuses in Paide and Särevere in order to learn more about training of adult learners in the field of Automotive technology and transport. Here they gained information curricula, training room arrangements, equipment, and were able to observe practical training activities.

Study visit #2

Location: Keuda Vocational College located in Järvenpää, FINLAND
Meeting dates: 11-16 May 2014

2 teachers and 1 department head from JKHK and also from IS-VMA travelled to Keuda Vocational College for a 5 day study visit to learn about the Keuda Adult Training program in the field of automotive technology and transport. Here they gained information about the Finnish qualifications for Adult education: qualification structure, evaluation, curricula for car and transportation sector. They also learned about training in practice, workshops and skills demonstrations.

Study visit #3

Location: IS-Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri (IS-VMA) located in Akureyri, ICELAND
Meeting dates: 15-19 September 2014

2 teachers, 1 department head, and Project Leader Elizabeth Lenz will travel to Iceland for a 5 day study visit to learn more about the present adult and youth training programme in the field of automotive technologies and transport.