Nordplus 2012

Norplus Adult 2012 project nr. AD-2012_1a-29717

This Nordplus Adult mobility project, “Answering what and how: Advancing Nordic training programs, unifying quality” aims to provide Estonian, Danish, and Swedish teachers of adult learners in Technology and Transport Logistics the opportunity for professional development through study visits for observation of teaching and training practices. The expected outcome is programmatic improvement stemming from a deeper understanding of different Nordic practices in vocational training of adults that will build capacity and insure a more qualified labour force.

Project period: 09.10.2012 – 31.05.2014
Project funding: 12.330,00€

Project partners:
Coordinator and Manager – Järva County Vocational Training Centre, Elizabeth Lenz (EE)
Partner – Mercantec Training Centre (DK)
Partner – Viskanstrandsgymnasiet (SE)

Study visit #1
Location: Järva County Vocational Training Centre (JKHK) located in Paide and Särevere, ESTONIA
Meeting dates: 4 -8 March 2013

3 visiting teachers from Danish adult training centre Mercantec and 3 Swedish teachers of secondary and adult vocational education at Viskanstrandsgymnasiet completed a 5-day study visit to learn more about Estonia’s Technology and Transport Logistics as taught at Järva County Vocational Training Centre. (JKHK) There was a solid sharing of experiences as teachers learned about Estonian adult education and process of teaching logistics and transport through observation of teaching and training activities. Visiting teachers had the opportunity to observe JKHK logistics student competing in the national level skill’s competition called Young Masters, enjoyed national foods and cultural sites.

Study visit #2
Location: Mercantec Training centre located in Skive/Viborg, Denmark
Meeting dates: 27-31 May 2014

3 Estonian and 3 Swedish teachers from partnering schools visited Mercantec in Denmark to learn about the Danish adult education system, review curriculum content, observe practical training activities, and engage in discussions among colleagues.

Study visit #3
Location: Viskanstrandsgymnasiet in Boras, Sweden
Meeting dates: 21 – 25 October

4 Estonian and 3 Danish teachers from partnering schools visited Viskanstrandsgymnasiet in Boras. Here they learned about the Swedish adult education system as it is presently being developed at the school. Here they gained special insight on their teaching in small groups with strong mentoring of individuals to complete their learning outcomes. Activities included observation of practical training at Viared along with focused discussions.