Sep 2013 to 31 May 2015
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Project number Leonardo 2013-018-LEO03-VETPRO-06
Projekti total worth: 38 028 eur

In complying with changes in Estonian educational laws that amend vocational education to an 8-level European qualfication system from the present 5, this LOECVET project presents an opportunity for 19 vocational teachers and 5 department heads representing 19 fields of study to learn from partner countries in Finland and the Netherlands how to rewrite curricula and evaluation systems using Learning Outcomes. The duration of this study trip will be 1 week with teachers traveling to partner schools Savo Vocational Collge in Kuopio; Kouvola Region Vocational College in Kuovola, Finland, and to Helicon Vocational Training Center in Boxtel, Netherlands. Teachers will answer in-depth questions as: What needs to be considered and what steps taken in rewriting curricula presently based upon a point system to one focusing on learning outcomes? How does this affect class organization, assignments, and the mind-sets of teachers in their approach to teaching? How do European colleagues teach and assess the theoretical knowledge, assess the learning outcomes and learning modules? The outcome of this project is that teachers from each field of study will rewrite the school’s many curricula and assessment measures thereby making the school prepared to engage the ECVET system and pursue mobility projects and credit recognition between European institutions.