Leisure time

The study facilities are located in Central Estonia – in Paide and in Särevere. In addition to everyday studies, it is possible see the local nature and sights, familiarise yourself with the cultural programme and find the leisure and sporting activities that are most suitable for you.

Living environment and Central Estonia

Despite its small size, there is a lot to see in Central Estonia. Museums, nature, sports activities, good food and drink – these are only some of the many things to enjoy here.

Paide, the centre of Central Estonia, is the heart of Estonia as well. Tallinn, the capital city, is only a 55-minute car ride away and Tartu, the second largest town in Estonia, is also about an hour-long drive away. Logistically, Central Estonia has a great location. From there, it is easy to go on different adventures and tours all around Estonia.

Map of Estonia:

Transportation between study facilities

It is easy to travel between the study facilities.

The distance between the facilities is approximately 17 km. There is a good bus connection between Paide and Särevere. Buses come every 30 minutes and if needed, it is possible to get from one study facility to the other in about 20 minutes. Students who are more active can use bicycles for travelling between study facilities. The cycle and pedestrian track next to the road makes travelling on a bicycle safe.

Parking at the school

Both study facilities have parking lots with many parking spaces. The parking lots can be accessed 24/7 and those coming by car have easy access to the school. The parking lots are not under surveillance.

Opportunities in Central Estonia

Despite its small size, Central Estonia, which has about 30,000 inhabitants, offers many leisure and sports activities. The largest towns are Paide (8,200 inhabitants) and Türi (5,200 inhabitants). Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre is the only vocational school in Central Estonia.

Places to eat

There are small cafes, restaurants, small pubs, fast food restaurants, etc., where you can enjoy local food and meet with your friends.

Sports hall

The largest sports hall of Central Estonia is located in Paide and offers a variety of sporting opportunities, from group training sessions to weight training and ball games.

Swimming pool

You can enjoy a swimming pool in Paide, as well as in Türi. At the end of this year, a new top-notch swimming pool with a few spa services will be completed in Paide.

Theatre and cinema

It is possible to see magnificent plays and movies in the Music and Theatre House of Paide. Films are shown three to four times a week and the theatre gives performances all over Estonia.


In Central Estonia, mostly in Paide and Türi, there are high-quality stadiums, which can be used free of charge for playing ball games or running.


There are several lakes, rivers, forests and bogs in the area. Our four seasons evoke emotions in everyone. You can definitely find a place for charging your batteries after a tiring day of studying.