LdV PARTNERSHIP Bio-Energy Production Europe (BEPE)

The BEPE Partnership (nr 2011-1-EE1-LEO04-02423-1) establishes a new network initiated by leading bio-mass energy enterprises out of the labour market, German Agri-Culture Society and Italian CRB – Biomass Research Centre with a willingness to exchange experience and information with vocational schools and other educational institutions about the developing field of bio-mass energy production and management. We desire is to educate people about alternative organic agriculture options that provide sustainable energy solutions that are economically and ecologically acceptable. These new connections will provide information about bio-mass energy curricula, existing training programs, facilities, and research regarding the quickly developing field of bio-mass energy. Our consortium includes 5 partners from 5 countries (EE, BE, DE, IT, PL) comprised of enterprises, vocational schools, associations, research centers, educational umbrella and support organizations all seeking to further the study and pursuit of sustainable energy. The target group of the BEPE project includes agricultural curriculum specialists and teachers; heads of private sector bio-energy research, production and management; organic agriculture associations; education coordinators; and policy makers. We will analyze and define bio-energy research profiles for developing ECVET units, conduct 5 country studies for options in bio-energy, and create profiles of a bio-energy training scheme at the VET level. These tools will help advance the implementation of a new curriculum in organic bio-mass energy production and management.

Total grant 13 500 eur and from JKHK take part 12 staff members

The Project Manager Mrs Elizabeth E. Parsons- Lenz
e-mail: elizabeth[dot]lenz[at]jkhk[dot]ee