Junior IT specialist

Junior IT specialist

Paide campus

Type of programme: vocational secondary education (EQF, level 4)
Curriculum group: Information and communication technology
Programme format: Full-time study at school, includes workplace training

Programme requirements: Acquired basic education; however, the programme is also open for persons without basic education who are at least 22 years old and have the level of competency corresponding to basic education.
Duration of programme: 3 years

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Application software
  • Organisation and business environment
  • Hardware of IT systems
  • Computer networks and network devices
  • Managing of computer networks; network services
  • Managing of Windows operation systems
  • Managing of Linux/BSD operation systems
  • Operation systems
  • Managing of application servers
  • Scripting devices

Possibilities on the job market
IT systems specialist, help desk specialist, IT administrator, tester, computer technician, IT technician

IT systems specialists work independently on the tasks given while observing procedural rules and best practices. They can work for a help desk, IT support, as a monitoring specialist, systems administrator, etc. Their tasks include solving standard IT problems; they will forward the more complex ones to senior specialists.
IT systems specialist’s main tasks are developing and designing a product or a project for IT systems, designing applications, implementing solutions, preparing documentation, helping users, support for implementing changes, problem-solving, providing services, procurement, managing sales channels and providing information security.

Contact person:
Maili Rannas