Job Shadowing Program

What makes JKHK so special?

Järva County Vocational Training Centre (JKHK) has an amazing amount of professional staff that are not only teaching within their given fields, but are actively “practicing what they are preaching”. JKHK has gathered a wealth of knowledgeable educators from all around Estonia to teach its youth and adults. Due to its knowledgeable and dedicated staff, JKHK can boast hugely satisfying student survey reports, fantastic retention and exam success rates.

JKHK is one of thirty – one Vocational Training Centres in Estonia. Its proximity and ease of transportation, being positioned in the heart of Estonia, allows for regional dominance. Not only can students learn here, they can also get room and board for little cost. We offer a diverse amount of flexible learning programs offered to fit our student’s needs and work schedules.

Our school stands out amongst many due to its terrific platforms offering over 100 specialities. We are one of only two schools offering agricultural training. We have the only school programs offering Horse Management, Fish Farming, Veterinarian Assistance, Road Construction Machinery, Water Treatment, Biogas Management and Military Equipment Management.

What is Job Shadowing

Job shadowing is an experience where you spend a day or a few days observing an individual on the job. While job shadowing, you may observe different duties in which a highly trained professional handles daily tasks. Job shadowing is popular with students because it introduces them to different careers and helps them decide which jobs would be the best fit for them. Job shadowing for adults allows individuals to gain guidance, feedback and expertise from those which have spent much time and education working within the given craft. It can prove invaluable equally for those who may be having difficulties in their current work environment, learning about a process, developing their agendas, improving their knowledge and skills.

The benefits of the Job Shadowing Program

When you need to freshen up your skills and knowledge, learn new methods and see the crucial advancements needed to succeed in your highly competitive field, where may you turn?

When starting a new career, the biggest benefit of Job Shadowing Program is that it lets you have a valuable insight of a specific position, allowing one to know it’s intrinsic details, learning what one must do to have a successful career, gaining genuine knowledge and professional instruction. International work market, direction of development and technological advancements all contribute to a vague though vastly confusing climate which makes managers and leaders of all sorts look for more effective training methods. Making connections with professionals in your given network can make it easier to gain knowledge and ideas for future development.

Our colleagues at Järva County Vocational Training Centre update their knowledge and “know how” on a consistent basis. Joining our program may eliminate some of the confusion – working with a partner or fellow colleague may indeed help clarify the given expectations of the future.

We have a Job Shadowing Program!

At Järva County Vocational Training Centre, we are offering a three to seven day, well planned and easily budgeted Job Shadowing Program. This program covers but is not limited to the following professional fields :
– School Director
– Head of Study and Development Department
– Development Manager
– Adult Education Manager
– Head of Construction
– Head of General Subjects Department
– Head of Support Service
– Head of Study Groups and Classroom Support

Within these specialities, among the other position specific details, participant will be introduced to such skills as Administrative Guidance, School Development, Budgetary and Human Management

– English Teacher
– Logistics Teacher
– Cleaning Services Trainer
– Culinary Vocational Trainer
– Equestrian and Vocational Trainer


General 5-days Job Shadowing Program:

  Description    Day 1    Day 2    Day 3    Day 4    Day 5
  Activity    Getting to know Estonia
Educational System
*Vocational Schools
*Learning all about JKHK
*tasks to be completed
   Meeting the most important
stakeholders – general education schools, companies,
business associations, self-government
   Job Shadowing at the workplace    Job Shadowing at the workplace   Run-down of the week, feedback
  Tasks for the participant   Draw up a comparative map of the education systems of the two countries.
Compile a comparative map of your own and the school’s response areas
   The learner notes which job
description he/she was observing for
the given worksheet (job description).
There is a chat analysis
  The learner notes which job description he / she was observing for the given worksheet (job description).
There is a chat analysis
   The learner notes which job description he / she was observing for the given worksheet (job description).
There is a chat analysis
  The learner presents a portfolio and comparative analysis
  Outcome   The learner compares and creates links between countries and organizations.
Participant compares JKHK and his or her institution,
Brings out similarities and differences between schools
   The learner understands
how the supervised institution is viewed
in the region and in the country.
The learner understands the
degree of interest and responsibility
of stakeholders.
Participant understands the stakeholder’s interest, input and responsibility
   The learner sees and participates in the real work process and understands
its nature
  The learner sees and participates in the real work process and understands its nature    The participant has acquired new knowledge, skills that can be applied in his/her everyday work