Head of Support Service

Riina Muuga

Head of Support Services

The purpose of my job:

Organization of school education, support students schooling, keep the number of dropouts low. Guidance of study groups and support staff. Management of out-of-school activities.

What makes me different?

I have been working for the school for a long time, Therefore, I know the vocational education (VET) system, related legislation and the complications which arise during proceedings. I have a vast amount of experience and expertise in dealing with pragmatic matters that arise in school daily bases. I am an expert of curriculum creation & ECVET system.


  • Planning, organizing, analyzing and reporting work for support services.
  • Manage the work arrangement and work environment for the head of study groups and classroom support.
  • Assist the head of study groups and classroom support staff.
  • Supports students schooling: provision of learning support, career services, special and social pedagogical and psychological services.
  • Arranging out-of-school activities.

I speak: Estonian, Russian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program:
Support service providers, counselors, therapist and activity coordinators, school staff involved with support service, head teachers, teachers, etc.