Head of Study Groups and Classroom Support

Reili Vassiljev

Head of Study Groups and Classroom Support

The purpose of my job:

The purpose of my work is to be available to students and to support and assist them in everything related to teaching. It is especially important to be there for them and to help them find motivation to complete their studies. In addition, I also interact with parents, as well as with different organizations, to support uninterrupted student learning. Often, I help students create a whole picture of their lives and studies, and links between them so that they can find the motivation to complete their studies.

What makes me different?

I have studied geography and chemistry as a teacher and in the past I have worked as a teacher of natural sciences in both rural and urban schools. Through these different experiences, I am open to everything new. I am interested in finding rational solutions for different problems so that the work is more productive with less time. I can always see something positive in everything and never be afraid to ask others for help when I get into trouble. In addition, I am a joyful and open-minded young person.

The main task of my work is to be there for students. If necessary, I will help them in their homes, because home-life can sometimes be difficult. In addition, I support and help them in applying for different grants and, if necessary, I will help them to learn. My work has been effective, considering that student dropouts are declining, students are less absent from school and the minimum amount of study debt is low.



  • Advise and support students schooling.
  • Help students to apply for grants.
  • Facilitate in cases of learning difficulties.
  • Assist students when applying for VÕTA (accepting previous learning and work experience), academic leave and individual curriculum.
  • Collaboration with teachers.

I speak: Estonian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
Student leaders, school teachers, support staff, etc.