Head of Study and Development Department

Külli Marrandi

Head of Study and Development Department

The purpose of my job:

The main purpose of my work is to manage my teams so that the school works and develops. For that it is important to facilitate the team’s work and motivational ethic and create a positive school atmosphere. I truly want the students to be enthusiastic about studying at our school and to get a great education.

What makes me different?

Before joining Järvamaa Vocational School, I worked as a company manager in a private enterprise. I have been working in our vocational school for over ten years. I started working as the  manager of our school stables and a developer of equestrian training. Then, I worked as the Head of the Department of Agricultural Education. Now, I work as the head of the Learning and Development Unit. Thanks to my work experience, I have a very good overview of school, teaching, curriculum planning, curriculum creation, school-related documentation, communication with employers, and everything else involving the school. Owing to long-term experience as a manager in both school and private business, I have great experience in managing people, teamwork and motivating people to avoid conflicts.


  • Team management (curriculum manager for teachers, in-service training staff, development department staff, project managers).
  • Managing planning and performance analysis in school, also managing pedagogical, methodological and educational technological development in the fields taught.
  • Organizing development projects related to national and international cooperation and learning activities in order to improve the quality of studies; organization of adult training, project work and development
  • Creating flexible opportunities for different target groups in vocational training and adult training.
  • Managing activities related to quality assessment of school internal assessment and level of education

I speak: Estonian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
School staff, entrepreneurs, partners, students, parents and members of the local community