Head Teacher of General Subjects

Reelika Lippur

Head Teacher of General Subjects

The purpose of my job:

Keep the development and management of general education, career planning and entrepreneurship in high level. Support staff and teachers in preparation for classes. Conduct teaching in the field of natural and social subjects.

What makes me different?

I have a broad overview of the Estonian education system. I have worked in general education in various positions (teacher, head teacher, headmaster) and in vocational education (teacher, tutor). Based on my work experience, I can compare general education and general studies in vocational education. I have participated in various international projects (NordPlus, Erasmus+) and I have learned from other countries’ experiences. Participation in mobility has been inspiring and I am ready to share my experience of my daily work. My field of work covers all the departments in the school, so I can give examples of our whole school. I think one can learn a lot from our practice and school’s everyday work.
By nature I am positive, supportive and curious. I am cooperative and eager to learn. I focus on problem solving rather than worry.


  • Organizing work in responsible areas:drawing up, developing and implementing curriculum; implementing lifelong learning principles; shaping modern learning and developing opportunities, also mentoring and counseling for learners.
  • Cooperation with different stakeholders (learners, head of study groups, head teachers).
  • Teacher recruitment, counseling, mentoring, planning and arranging of in-service training for teachers, also feedback to and from teachers.
  • Updating of operational programs; planning and conducting lessons.
  • Resource planning and use.

I speak: Estonian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
school administrators, head teachers and teachers