Head Teacher of Construction

Ivar Kohjus

Head Teacher of Construction

The purpose of my job:

The priority is to promote vocational education in all fields, although my major fields are the vocations of road construction, building and electrical. I communicate with various local and national companies to foster the best suitable circumstances regarding our students, staff and facility. I develop new curriculum influenced by the needs of our communities while ensuring technological advancements and innovation. I recruit new students and fully engage in their development, including adult students who take part of workplace-based learning (e.g. water treatment operators, etc.) or adult education courses.

What makes me different?

Communicating with professional associations, the Professional Chamber, employers, other schools, producers of study materials (e.g. materials for construction studies) and technology developers (e.g. heavy machinery simulators). I’ve also worked in professional committees (pottery, chimney sweeper, water management consultant), OSKA expert group for water management, professional standards committees (pottery, road construction, road machines, water operator), I am also one of the organisers of professional examinations and prepare students for it. I organize professional competitions (platinum, winter car driver) and I have taken part of different Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects.


  • Curriculum creation and organization of studies, work with a variety of learning levels, team management.
  • Promote workplace-based and adult education courses and training.
  • Developing my main professional fields, including taking part of the project work and organizing professional competitions in these professions.
  • Accreditation, participating in professional committees and expert groups.
  • Communication with sponsors and entrepreneurs, finding teaching staff and professionals.

I speak: Estonian, Russian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
High- and middle level school leaders and leaders-to-be, construction professionals, head teachers, practitioners and teachers, entrepreneurs