Fish farming

Fish farming

Särevere campus
Additional information / commencing the studies: Veiko Vahesalu, veiko[dot]vahesalu[at]jkhk[dot]ee, phone: +372 508 8985
Type of programme: Level 4 vocational education, initial training (EstQF, level 4)
Curriculum group: Fishing industry
Programme format: Full-time studies at school (flexible)
Programme requirements: Basic education
Duration of programme: 1 year
Programme starts on: 13 September 2018

Academic year 2018/2019, dates of study sessions:
13.–16.09, 04.–07.10, 25.–28.10, 08.–11.11, 29.–02.12,
13.–16.12, 03.–06.01, 24.–27.01, 14.–17.02, 07.–10.03,
28.–31.03, 11.–14.04, 23.–26.05
In addition, practical training at the fish farm of the school and workplace training at relevant companies

Professional modules you will complete:

  • Biology of aquatic organisms and introduction to aquaculture
  • Living environment and preservation of fish
  • Feeding fish
  • Propagating fish
  • Healthcare of fish
  • Managing living fish and primary processing of fish
  • Usage and maintenance of technological equipment

When you graduate, you can take level 4 occupational qualification examination for a fish farmer.

Workplace training:

  • 18 EVECP (12 weeks) in fish farms.

Opportunities on the job market:

  • Fish farming

A fish farmer is a skilled labourer whose professional aim is to produce aquaculture products and participate in their marketing. Their main task is to create the necessary growth environment for producing fish. They will monitor and aim for the highest quality and productivity in their work. Working at a fish farm requires respect for nature.

The programme takes place in a flexible format (study sessions at school once or twice a month on four consecutive days; independent studying between sessions). Primary practical training is conducted at the fish farm of the school.

Opportunities for further studies:
Fish farming at the Estonian University of Life Sciences

The programme takes place at Särevere campus pursuant to the curriculum for fish farming, level 4.
The curriculum is based on the occupational standard of fish farmer, level 4 and the national curriculum for fish farming specialities.

Contact person:
Veiko Vahesalu
Study Coordinator for Fish Farming