Development Specialist

Valev Väljaots

Development Manager

The purpose of my job:

Planning of different development projects, organizing communication and marketing activities, quality management, cooperation with stakeholders.

The performance of the school is characterized by general school performance.

What makes me different?

I have been in constant contact with my work; including collecting, analyzing and interpreting  results. I worked for eight years at Statistics Estonia. I have conducted a folk and agricultural census in Järva County.  My work was closely related to companies and various national institutions.

Planning of development, preparation of action plans, budgets, projects and achievement of results were my  main activities as the Economic Director of the Järva County Museum and later in the director’s office, these  activities have continued for most of my career.

The management of visiting institutions requires thoughtful marketing activities and interaction with very different interest groups.

I have worked more than five years at Järva County Vocational Training Centre.   My work has intensified and brought new contacts in the fields of entrepreneurship, education and state management. Knowledge of international projects has increased, there is much more foreign communication and cooperation with different stakeholders.

Naturally, I am calm and balanced, tolerant of different opinions and try to understand people. I am  rather modest in communicating, but  quick to make friendships and pleasant conversation.


  • Organizing School Development Activities : Leading the Development Plan, Preparing an Action Plan - Monitoring Compliance, Preparing a Performance Report (Annual Report)
  • Quality Process Management: Conducting Internal Assessment , Satisfaction Surveys, Surveys, Data Analysis
  • General organization of communication and marketing activities, planning , conducting and participating in activities.
  • Designing and conducting school projects.
  • Cooperation with interest groups: students, teachers, companies, institutions.

I speak: Estonian, Russian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
School staff, entrepreneurs, partners, businesses, public authorities, local authorities and members of the local community