Culinary Vocational Trainer

Marika Kasvand

Culinary Vocational Trainer

The purpose of my job:

The aim of my work is to provide the most qualified workers to the labor market, who care and take responsibility for their work and provide quality food and service to their clients.

What makes me different?

I am a catering teacher with extensive knowledge, skills and experience. My focus is on supporting and teaching students with practical experience. I can think and act so that no student feels discarded. I have more than 25 years of experience in cooking, catering and management in that field. As a teacher, I am proud of being a pragmatic, result-oriented, supportive person who keeps the team both motivated, while creating an enjoyable team spirit. As a teacher, I am motivated by constant personal development, interesting and challenging tasks, a good team and smart people around me.


  • Reduce student dropouts by making the learning process as interesting, varied and useful as possible, hence develop curriculum that meets the need of today’s labor market, including the introduction of both international and regional cuisines.
  • Teach all students so they are capable of passing professional examination.
  • Provide a variety of adult training courses and retraining courses.
  • Planning and organizing work for different study groups, commodity management.
  • Pre-treatment of food and raw materials, cooking, creating a menu, party services

I speak: Estonian, Russian & English! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
Anyone already teaching or interested in teaching this speciality.