Cleaning services

Cleaning services

Paide campus
Additional information / commencing the studies: Laida Reitmann, laida[dot]reitmann[at]jkhk[dot]ee, phone: +372 514 6884
Type of programme: Level 3 vocational education (EstQF, level 3)
Curriculum group: Domestic services
Programme format: Full-time school-based studies
Programme requirements: None
Duration of programme: 1 year (60 EVECP)
Start of programme: 6 September 2018
The programme format is flexible with lessons on 2 days (Friday and Saturday) every second week and is also suitable for an employed person.

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Preparations for a task
  • Deep cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning

When you graduate, you can take level 3 occupational qualification examination for a cleaner.

Possibilities on a job market:

  • Cleaning operative
  • Special cleaning technician

The goal of a cleaning operative’s work is to keep the living environment at the required level of cleanliness.
Their tasks include cleaning and maintenance of various working and living environments and main surface materials. A cleaning operative knows the reasons for soiling and contamination, surface covers, can use cleaning agents, tools, equipment, and machinery in economical manner, sparing health and environment,
A cleaning operative works independently or pursuant to instructions provided to them. They follow professional ethics and the principles of confidentiality.

Possibilities for further education:
Cleaning operative – instructor, level 4, Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre

The programme takes place at Paide campus pursuant to the operational programme for cleaning services.