Cleaning Services Trainer

Rita Vaher

Cleaning Services Trainer

The purpose of my job:

Teach students and keep a clean environment around us. Help student to see how everything is related, so they would learn to see the whole picture. Through practical activities, students develop independent thinking and work as a team. I also teach adult courses and carry out in-service trainings.

What makes me different?

Before joining Järva County Vocational Training Centre, I was self-employed, working as a cleaning specialist. Thanks to this, I have many practical experiences to share with others. Working as a teacher has given me confidence, improved my expression and communication skills. The cleaning industry is rapidly changing and it is good to keep the knowledge up-to-date and lead the rest of the world.
I have created study materials (Safety and Hygiene – Safer Environment, SAFHY project), taken part of staff training projects (e.g. in Iceland, Hungary, Finland) and been part of the group who create the occupation specific standards. At the moment, I am a member of the professional committee working group.


  • Developing the occupational field of cleaning service.
  • Managing all the courses being taught in this field.
  • Taking part of development projects related to the field of teaching in order to improve the quality of studies.
  • Teaching different target groups in vocational training and in-service training.
  • Creating curricula

I speak: Estonian & Russian! 

Target Group for Job Shadowing Program: 
School staff, entrepreneurs… anyone already teaching or interested in teaching, learning about this speciality or need an in-service training.