Cleaning management

Cleaning management

Paide campus
Additional information/commencing the studies: Laida Reitmann, laida[dot]reitmann[at]jkhk[dot]ee, phone: +372 514 6884
Type of programme: Level 5 vocational education, further training (EstQF, level 5)
Curriculum group: Domestic services
Programme format: Full-time studies at school
Requirements for starting the programme: Secondary education and level 4 occupational qualification
Duration of programme: 6 months (30 EVECP)
The programme takes place in a flexible format two days at a time every second week (on Thursday and Friday) and is also suitable for an employed individual.

Study session dates:
Programme begins: 18–19 January 2018

Workplace training:
5 weeks

Acquired skills and knowledge:

  • Determining the need for cleaning
  • Selecting and using cleaning tools and machinery
  • Selecting, dosing, and using cleaning agents
  • Maintenance and deep cleaning
  • Supervising colleagues
  • Managing and developing cleaning operations

When you graduate, you can take level 5 occupational qualification examination for a cleaning manager.

Opportunities on the job market:

  • Cleaning manager
  • Foreman
  • Site manager
  • Team manager
  • Hostess

The goal of a cleaning manager’s work is to organise the required level of cleanliness at the sites in their area of responsibility.
Their tasks include planning, organising, and assessing the quality of cleaning operations, instructing cleaning operatives, communication with clients and communication. They plan appropriate changes and organise implementation. They are responsible for the quality of the results.
They will observe good cleaning practices in their work. They follow professional ethics and the principles of confidentiality. They manage a team and are responsible for teamwork.

Possibilities for further education:

  • Applied higher education at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences
  • Applied higher education at Lääne-Viru College

The programme takes place at Paide campus pursuant to the operational programme for cleaning management.