Car technician

Car technician

Särevere campus

Type of programme: vocational secondary education (EQF, level 4)
Curriculum group: Vehicles
Programme format: Full-time school-based studies,  includes workplace training

Programme requirements:
Acquired basic education; however, the programme is also open for persons without basic education who are at least 22 years old and have the level of competency corresponding to basic education.
Duration of programme: 3 years

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Basics for car technicians, including
    – Materials science
    – Technical drawing and measuring
    – Basics of electrical engineering
  • Construction and maintenance of cars, including
    – Evaluation, maintenance, and repairs of the body and interior
  • Maintenance, general diagnostics, and repairs of various assemblies and systems of cars, including
    – Engine
    – Transmission
    – Steering
    – Electrical and convenience systems
    – Climate control
    – Safety devices
  • Career planning and business basics

In addition:

  • Professional foreign language
  • Welding
  • Tire works

When you complete your studies, you can take an occupational qualification examination for a car technician, level 4.

Possibilities on the job market:

  • Car technician
  • Sales assistant
  • Team manager at a workshop
  • Head of a company

Car technicians work for a repair shop or a car service, maintaining and repairing new and used vehicles.
In addition, a graduate can work as a sales person for new cars at a sales representative’s office or as a team manager at a repair shop. A true master is known for the quality of their work.

Contact person:
Liia Saatre,