Apprentice stove maker

Apprentice stove maker

Särevere campus

Type of programme: vocational education (EQF, level 3)
Curriculum group: Construction
Programme format: full-time school-based studies

Programme requirements: basic education
Duration of programme: 6 months

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Career planning and business basics
  • Basics of stove making
  • Building brick stoves
  • Installing heating systems with producer responsibility

Graduates can take level 3 occupational qualification examination for an apprentice stove maker.

Possibilities on the job market:

  • Apprentice stove maker
  • Installing heaters / heating systems with producer responsibility

Stove makers build and repair stoves, cooking stoves and fireplaces, also chimneys. Stoves, cooking stoves and fireplaces can be built from bricks, blocks, quarry stones and other materials.
The work of a stove maker requires accuracy, correctness, routine tolerance, ability to learn and concentrate.
People working as stove makers should have a high tolerance for stress, good communication skills, and be diligent. Work tasks require good coordination and physical stamina. Spatial imagination and good aesthetic taste are also helpful.

Contact person:
Ivar Kohjus