Activity instructor

Activity instructor

Paide campus

Type of programme: vocational education, initial training (EQF level 4)
Curriculum group: Social work and counselling
Programme format: Full-time school-based study

Programme requirements: Secondary education
Duration of programme: 1 year

Skills and knowledge you will acquire:

  • Developing a client’s social skills
  • Developing, maintaining and supporting a client’s capability for activities
  • Supervising and supporting everyday activities of a client
  • Supervising and supporting a client in leisure activities
  • Establishing and maintaining a network regarding the client
  • Supporting the client in their studies and work

Graduates can take level 4 occupational qualification examination for an activity instructor.

Opportunities on the job market:

  • Activity instructor
  • Senior activity instructor

An activity instructor is an expert in special care who supervises and supports the everyday activities, work, and leisure activities of an individual with a mental disorder in order to guarantee the maximum level of independence and the highest quality of life according to humanist and holistic approach to human beings. Activity instructors work in a team and cooperate with the patient’s social and public servant network in the best interests of the client. Constant life-long learning is essential for an activity instructor.

Contact person:
Laida Reitmann,