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About our school

Vocational education in Järvamaa has been characterized through the decades by love of engineering, technology and farming. Today, the school carries traditions fitting to the 21st century. In particular, it is characterized by the values of what we carry and what we want to pass to our students. We have many modern workshops and we are constantly renewing and expanding our premises.

We are open, competent and level-headed. In our opinion, these are the three words which characterize the subsequent decades. Open, competent and level-headed people are viable and together they form a successful team. We consider our challenge to help people getting approved at every level: a good citizen, a good worker, a good partner and a good parent.

Modern study environment

Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre is modern both outside and inside. The students have wonderful study conditions with all the necessary tools, equipment, and other supplies. In the last ten years 16 million euros have been invested into the school.

A popular place to study

Approximately 2,000 students study in our school. We have 70 teachers who, in addition to teaching, participate in various training programmes to gather new knowledge that they can share with their students.

Comfortable boarding school facilities

Both study facilities of Järvamaa Vocational Training Centre have boarding school facilities for the students. These new or renovated buildings ensure good living conditions for the students. The boarding school facilities can accommodate up to 416 students.