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We offer staff from abroad the capabilities to improve their knowledge, challenge themselves and develop skills that help them to work more efficiently. Please, start this process here, by taking the first steps in developing a career you can be passionate about.

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Our school has a wide variety of specialities where individuals have a choice in the field that he or she chooses. One of the required skills of the 21 st century is flexibility. In our case, at Järva County Vocational Training Centre, besides traditional study, one can study part-time or on an individual basis.


Great variety of different specialities. Students can choose from more than 20 specialities.

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We have been participating in European Union projects since 2003. Take a look at our active and finished projects.

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Apply to our Job Shadowing Program with ease – fill out the form on the website. After that, wait for our reply.

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Our school has two campuses – one in Paide and the other in Särevere. Both are modern and well-equipped.

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Estonia 100

Celebrate Estonia 100th Birthday.

Politics and Government
Beautiful nature


Estonia, with its population of 1.3 million people, is one of Europe’s smallest though greenest countries. In Estonia, one is never further than a 30-minute drive from any lakes or forest.

The living environment has a total sense of relaxation. One feels safe, tranquil and free. Estonia is very clean as well. According to the World Health Organization, Estonia ranks best in its air quality considering all other countries in the world.

Despite its small size, it could take one a lifetime to appreciate all of its art galleries, theatres, festivals, concerts, beaches and scenic pathways.


Estonia is known worldwide for its incredible accessibility to the internet. In Estonia, one is able to file taxes, do banking, sign documents, get prescriptions and vote in elections by simply accessing the internet.

Internet access is seen as everywhere in Estonia. Estonia’s size has enabled its internet reach to be unlimited. By using a state-issued Estonian ID card, one can utilize all of its benefits (see the ID card section on how to obtain an ID card).

As a new business owner, one is able to register a business in under 20 minutes.

Politics and Government

Estonia has a parliamentary democracy. Within this system, the prime minister is head of government.
The head of state is the president (currently, the president is Kersti Kaljulaid).

The president, mainly a symbolic figure head, is elected by the Estonian Parliament (known as the Riigikogu) and serves up to two five-year terms. The president is mainly a symbolic figure within Estonian Government. However, the president appoints a number of officials, has veto power, and is head of national defence.

The Riigikogu consist of 101 members who are elected from 15 local counties and serve for a period of four years. Estonia is consistently ranked highest among liberal countries in the world, in regards to its political and economic systems, as well as its freedom of speech.

Beautiful nature

Estonia is covered with over 50% of its land in forest. Lush forest full of bogs, streams and lakes drench the landscape. Within the forest, dependent on the season, one can pick several varieties of berries, cherries, apples and mushrooms. It’s like one’s own grocery store in a sense.

Estonia has over 7,000 rivers, 1,500 islands and 1,000 lakes. Easily ccessible camping and fishing is very routine for Estonia and its guest. Also, saunas are extremely popular in Estonia. It is generally part of one’s weekly routine.